Diligent Engine Released

The first release of Diligent Engine is now available! The engine is hosted on GitHub and is free for use in any application.

The engine consists of the following components:

  • Engine Core provides basic engine functionality. It implements engine interface on the platform-specific graphics API.
  • Shader Converter is designed to convert HLSL source code into GLSL. It allows shaders to be developed in HLSL, yet enables the exact same shaders to be compiled on other platforms.
  • Render Script is an efficient tool that provides efficient run-time graphics resource description and facilitates resource management

The engine also contains several sample applications that demonstrate the usage of the engine. You can find API reference here.

Check out those samples to get started with the engine

Sample  Description
AntTwBar  AntTweakBar sample (DiligentSamples\Samples\AntTweakBar)
AtmScatteringSample01  Atmospheric scattering sample (DiligentSamples\Samples\Atmosphere)


The engine currently supports the following platforms and graphics APIs:

Platform Supported APIs
Windows Desktop Direct3D11, OpenGL4.2+
Windows Store/Windows Phone Direct3D11
Android OpenGLES3.0+

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